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When a transmission is not working properly, we understand that most people have no idea weather they need a full transmission rebuild or if they just need some simple transmission maintenance. That’s why taking your vehicle to someone that you can trust to give you honest diagnostic work can be just as important to your checkbook as it is to find the best price.

Many of today’s electronic transmissions can be repaired with a simple sensor replacement and do not require a new transmission. It’s always cheaper and faster to repair, rather than replace your transmission if possible, but without the ability to properly diagnose these types of problems many shops will replace your transmission when all you needed was a sensor located under the hood, while other shops may be aware that a sensor is the problem, but will try and sell you a new transmission anyway.

At Topline Transmission we have honest, ASE certified technicians that specialize in transmission diagnostics and use the latest diagnostic equipment so you will never have to worry about buying something that you don’t need. Whether you need a rebuilt transmission, a minor transmission repair or just a transmission service, we will always provide you with a honest diagnosis at a fair price, and we back our work with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty.

Our reputation for personal service and quality work, done at a fair price, got us to where we are today. We strive to treat every customer as if our future depended on them, because we know that in a small town like Carrollton, GA, it does.

We offer free towing (within 25 miles) for all major repairs!


Zero down financing available through Lendmark Financial! You can get your transmission repaired on a payment plan and not have to break the bank to get your car back on the road.

Jasper Engines and Transmissions

We also install Jasper Engines & Transmissions & honor their nationwide warranty!

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